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An unconditional Universal Free Basic Income For All Worldwide

Present financial systems
The present interest money system: For the benefit of the super-rich only!
• 1300 individual billionaires have hoarded 94% of the planet's resources. The other 7 billion people are fighting over 6% of Earth's wealth.
• The money moves from the people to the rich until collapse by hyperinflation (ponzi scheme, snow ball system).
• Included in the prices 30% to 40% is forwarded to the rich as interest payments.
• A high income differential causing the working poor, missing infrastructure and no financial support cause extreme poverty.
• It forces economic growth and profit at all costs - exploiding all natural resources, polluting and poisoning of the earth;
• A dangerous world: people in extreme poverty need to be criminals to survive!
Already the ancient roman empire has been destroyed by their debt system.
In the middle ages 90% of the people had to contribute about 30% of their income/production to the 10% richest.
250 years ago this has been made automatic by the introduction of the banknote and the interest debt money system!
And this is still the system we have now!

The current financial and economic systems have beeen established by the wealthy, to only benefit the wealthy.
Which is why the rich stay rich, and the poor remain poor. It has never been in place to benefit the people.
The interest demand for economic growth, which consequently result in destroying our planet if we allow this system to remain in place.
We live in a financial dictatorship
About 2 percent of people own over 95 percent of the world's total capital.
We should stop it to empower and enforce a financial dictatorship which works towards the systematic enslavement of the people! New World Order
Why the government cannot pay a basic income
Some governments do provide low social security payments, but are financed by a high tax burden or debt.
If a government was to provide a free basic income, it would have to be financed through the taxation, or get into more debts which would never be able to be repaid, resulting in bankruptcy or hyperinflation.
To reinterate this means that no government can afford to pay a sufficient free basic income long-term.
Based on the current financial, economic and social systems, a basic income is not possible, any attempt is urged to fail after a short time or will lead to bankruptcy in the long-term.

Crypto-currencies are not a solution.

A basic income worldwide can just be established by an alternative system for the benefit of the people.
When debt and loans are not needed anymore then the present exploitative enslaving system will be unnecessary.

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