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An unconditional Universal Free Basic Income For All Worldwide
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A secure world without poverty is just possible with a free basic income. Now we can realize a free basic income for all. Participate and support now!

A free basic income to all people worldwide has the following benefits:
• Elimination of poverty, resulting in no more existential fears;
• Elimination of survival crimes, people are no longer forced into criminality, therefore there will be more security on the street and at home;
• Elimination of illnesses caused by poverty, which are even more disastrous when health care isn't affordable;
• Elimination of lowest wages, people aren't forced anymore to do any job for any wage;
• To halt the over-populating, children aren't needed anymore for life insurance;
• At the same amount worldwide: Elimination of economic refugees, wherever you live you receive the same basic income;
If we want a secure world without poverty a free basic income is essential. And it is very important that it is the same amount worldwide.
Basic Income Currency System - Development Version
• An alternative money System, from the people for the people!
• Money creation by payment of a free weekly basic income to all participants.
• Decentralized: In cooperation with the municipalities, payment records should only be available locally.
At the development version it is still a centralized club-internal closed system of a virtual currency.
Once established, cooperation with governments is sought so that the basic income amounts can be used for all payments.

Your participation and financial support is now required so that this system can take hold as soon as possible!
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