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An unconditional Universal Free Basic Income For All Worldwide
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A secure world without poverty is just possible with a free basic income. Now we can realize a free basic income for all. Participate and support now!

A free basic income to all people worldwide has the following benefits:
• Elimination of poverty, resulting in no more existential fears;
• Elimination of survival crimes, people are no longer forced into criminality, therefore there will be more security on the street and at home;
• Elimination of illnesses caused by poverty, which are even more disastrous when health care isn't affordable;
• Elimination of lowest wages, people aren't forced anymore to do any job for any wage;
• To halt the over-populating, children aren't needed anymore for life insurance;
• At the same amount worldwide: Elimination of economic refugees, wherever you live you receive the same basic income;
If we want a secure world without poverty a free basic income is essential. And it is very important that it is the same amount worldwide.
Basic Income Currency System - Development Version
• An alternative money System, from the people for the people!
• Money creation by payment of a free weekly basic income to all participants.
• Money elimination of the basic income currency by a demurrage charge.
• Decentralized: In cooperation with the municipalities (basic income payments to all residents), payment records should only be available locally.
At the development version it is still a centralized club-internal closed system of a virtual currency.
Once established, cooperation with governments is sought so that the basic income amounts can be used for all payments.

Advantages compared to the present system
• Automatic basic income for all - no applications for social payments anymore if existing at all;
• No inflation anymore - system-related rising of the prices and wages is past.
• Value saving of income from work (no inflation, no demurrage charge), pensions based on worked hours.
• Interest-free financing of the municipalities, they can employ anybody who wants to work. Own production of cheap organic food then is possible.
• Interest-free financing of home ownerschip, automatic reductions of the home loan amount (by demurrage), no mortgage needed anymore.
• Negative balances at international transfers are not possible anymore, so no debt creation and interest payments because of that needed anymore.
• No private profit-taking at the system, no system-related money moves from the people to the rich anymore.

The Membership requires a minimum age of 14 years, the registration is FREE!
After registration you can invite others: Your member number is their invitation number.
Please invite others as much as you can until the number of registration reaches at least 25,000.
<100 Registered<100 Members
It is entirly up to you that this becomes reality or not.
By becoming a member now and inviting others to join.
Please read all the information about the present financial systems so that you can clearly decide what you prefer.
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